电竞外围投注平台-Facebook has once again provoked controversy after the discovery it is possible to search for photos of female friends on its social network, but not male ones.脸书上可以搜寻女性好友照片,而男性好友的照片却侦将近,这一找到又把脸书推上风口浪尖。The feature was spotted by Belgian security researcher Inti De Ceukelaire, whose findings led to further revelations that Facebook prompts its users to search for photos of female friends in bikinis.比利时安全性研究员Inti De Ceukelaire找到这一现象,另外,脸书会让用户搜寻到其女性好友穿比基尼的照片,又更进一步证实了他们的找到。


“Facebook has modified their creepy hidden search feature this weekend,” he tweeted earlier this week. “You can no longer retrieve hidden photos from your male friends. Women can/may still be stalked.”本周的早些时候他发推文回应,“这个周末,脸书早已改动了被他们隐蔽的、很恶心的搜寻功能,你搜寻将近男性好友的隐蔽照片,但是却可以搜寻女性好友的照片。”He continued: “Even more: When you request photos from your male friends, Facebook assumes that you wanted to see pictures of women. *Facepalm*”他接着称之为:“甚至,当你搜寻你男性好友的照片,脸书还不会指出你想看女性的照片。

“捂脸”的表情包在。”Screen shots of the issue accompanied his tweets, prompting responses that Facebook is “sexist” due to the way its internal search feature functions.他的推文预示图片,更进一步解释脸书的这个内部搜寻功能是一种“性别歧视”。Another user then noted how Facebooks search bar automatically suggested photos of female friends in bikinis, which was confirmed in tests by The Independent.另外一名用户找到脸书的搜索引擎不会自动引荐女性好友比基尼照片,测试结果由《独立报》证实。

“These are abusive search suggestions and should be addressed,” said Jennifer Grygiel, an assistant progessor of communications at Syracuse University.雪城大学传播学助理教授Jennifer Grygiel称之为:“这些被欺诈的搜寻建议,应当加以解决。”Facebook originally stated in a comment to media outlets that it was the result of “a bug” with its search function, however the social network issued a further clarification to explain it is not a glitch but simply how the search feature works.一开始脸书回应对此是他们的搜寻系统经常出现“故障”。


之后这个社交媒体回应回应称之为,这不是一个小故障,而是搜寻功能是这样工作的。A spokesperson for Facebook said the tech giant is working to fix the issue but at the time of writing the controversial search suggestions were still appearing.脸书的一位发言人称之为,于是以回应问题展开修缮,但是截至新闻报道之前,这个问题还是没解决问题。:电竞外围投注平台。