lol外围网站|The solo female traveller market is an increasingly powerful sector in the travel industry. But while solo travel is usually rewarding, safe, and eye-opening, women who take to the road alone usually have more issues to take into account than men. A minority of horror stories of dodgy Airbnb and Couchsurfing hosts can see women flocking to the nearest female-only floor in a hotel.女性分开旅行的市场在旅游业日益蓬勃。尽管独自一人旅行一般来说一挺安全性,往往值回票价也让人大开眼界,但只身上路的女性一般要比男性考虑到更好的问题。国际租房平台爱彼迎和沙发客就爆出少数阴险房东的骇人事件,造成女性房客四散住进最近酒店的女性专属楼层。But now one peer-to-peer accommodation site has decided to do something about that, by launching a sub-group dedicated to female hosts and guests.不过现在,一个点对点住宿网站要求转变这种情况。

它发售了一个分组功能,承租者和出租者仅限于女性。Overnight – a site and app similar to Airbnb, which allows you to book accommodation with local residents – has teamed up with Girls Love Travel, a women-only online community, to launch “Groups”, which will allow home-sharing through trusted networks.“过夜”是一个类似于爱彼迎的网站和应用软件,可让旅客向当地住户租房。


它早已与专属女性的网络社区“女生爱人旅行”达成协议合作,发售“小组”功能,让屋主和旅客利用可信的社交网络共享住家。The feature will connect travellers and hosts who share friends or social networking groups in common. With 350,000 members of Girls Love Travel located around the world, it’s a promising start. Other networks are in the works to collaborate, too.这个功能可将有联合好友和共计科同一社交网络的旅客和屋主互相联结。与“过夜”平台合作的“女生爱人旅行”社区在全球享有35万用户,前景寄予厚望。目前“过夜”平台也于是以大力促使与其他网站的合作。

Overnight said in a statement: “While cost is a key issue for travellers, trust is perhaps even more important – both for travellers and home-sharing hosts. This is especially true for female travellers.”租房平台“过夜”在声明中回应:“旅费对旅客来说很关键,但信任对屋主和旅客则更为重要,对女性旅客更是如此。”Girls Love Travel founder Haley Woods told The Independent:“女生爱人旅行”社区的创办人海莉?伍德兹告诉他英国《独立报》:“Within the Girls LOVE Travel community, we empower women to go out, travel, and explore the world. The problem is that, when choosing to house-swap or couch-share with a stranger, safety can be a real concern for many of our members. Alternatives such as hotels or hostels can often be pricey, and may delay trips due to budget.“‘女生爱人旅行’社区让女性安心外出旅行,探寻世界。


但问题是,如果自由选择跟陌生人交换房屋或共享沙发,安全性问题显然是许多用户的现实疑虑。住进酒店或旅馆往往花费较高,也有可能因为支出严重不足而耽搁行程。”“Building this partnership between Girls LOVE Travel and Overnight presents members with a peer-to-peer network platform to help answer those concerns by providing members a cost-effective opportunity to stay with ladies they have met within our online community. Overnight provides our members the added benefit of moving beyond the computer with other female travellers, and creating lasting relationships.”伍德兹还回应, “‘女生爱人旅行’社区和‘过夜’平台达成协议合作,让用户利用点对点网络平台与在网络社区了解的女性同寄居,藉此避免她们的疑虑。

这毫无疑问是一个经济昂贵的方法。除此以外,‘过夜’平台也让用户从线上跑到线下,创建持久的友谊。“The Groups feature also allows hosts to use tiered pricing, offering lower rates to travellers from their own networks. Overnight says that it discovered hosts were willing to drop prices for guests they have a connection to.“小组”功能让屋主可以采行分级定价的方式,给自己社交网络中的旅客获取更加优惠的价格。


“过夜”平台也回应,屋主很不愿为这些旅客降价。Current featured picks on the website include a private room in West Hollywood for $60, and an apartment in Chicago for $100.目前“过夜”网站上的热门引荐有:一个坐落于西好莱坞定价60美元(约合410元人民币)的单间,和一套坐落于芝加哥定价100美元的公寓。:lol外围网站。