电竞外围投注平台|A mysterious animal species which looks like a mix of a horse and a deer was recently spotted in rural China.最近在中国的乡村地区,有一个看上去像马和鹿的混合体的谜样物种被找到了。This was the first time Chinese forestry officials had seen the rare species known as horse deer in about a decade.这是十年来第一次中国林业官员看到这种被指出是“马鹿”的珍贵物种。Chinese state media Peoples Daily yesterday shared a precious footage of the rare animal shot by an infrared camera in north-west Chinas Xinjiang Province.中国国有媒体人民日报昨天共享了一个由红外照相机在中国新疆省西北部摄制的关于这个稀有动物的贵重素材。The animal also known as Ebi Lake Red Deer was sighted on December 24 by the Ebi Lake near the China-Kazakhstan border according to Peoples Daily Online.这种动物也被称作艾比湖马鹿,据中国日报在线的消息,12月24日在中国-哈萨克斯坦边境的艾比湖畔找到了它们的踪迹。

Officers from the Ebi Lake Wetland Management Bureau made the discovery during scientific research.艾比湖湿地国家级自然保护区管理局的工作人员在科考调查中找到了这个情况。The video also showed the animals footprints in the snow.该视频同时展出了这种动物在雪地上留给的脚印。

With an estimated population of 110 horse deer has long been a myth in Xinjiang.马鹿的预计数量只有110只,在新疆很幸以来只是个传说。。