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Like many companies led by influential founders, leadership succession has been a big question for Chinese telecom equipment giant Huawei Technologies. 和许多其他由具备影响力的创始人所领导的公司一样,领导层过渡对于中国电信设备巨头华为技术有限公司(Huawei Technologies Co., 全称:华为)来说也仍然是一个大问题。But Huawei, founded by Chinese engineer Ren Zhengfei in 1987, is unlikely to choose one leader to replace 69-year-old Ren, according to a top executive. AFP/Getty Images但该公司一位低管说道,华为不有可能只挑选出一位领导来接任创始人任正非。

任正非于1987年创立了华为。In the future, the successor to Mr. Ren will not be just one person, said Eric Xu, Huaweis acting chief executive, at the companys annual analyst conference in Shenzhen. The successor could be a team of leaders rather than one leader, he said, without providing more details. 华为轮值首席执行长(CEO)徐直军(Eric Xu)在深圳开会的年度分析师大会上说道,未来接任任正非的将不只是一个人。他说道,继任者或许是一个团队,而不是一位领导。


徐直军没早已获取更加多细节。At Huawei, three executives — Xu, Guo Ping and Ken Hu — take turns and rotate through the acting CEO position every six months. The company introduced this system in 2011. 徐直军、郭祥和胡厚昆(Ken Hu)这三位华为低管每六个月轮流兼任CEO的职位。该公司于2011年引进了这种机制。

Ren, meanwhile, remains the companys permanent CEO. 此外任正非还仍然兼任公司的永久CEO。According to Huawei, Ren has the right to veto decisions made by the companys board. Still, Huawei director Chen Lifang said in an interview last year that Ren had never exercised the veto right. 根据华为的讲解,任正非对董事会的要求享有立法权。

然而华为董事陈黎芳去年在拒绝接受专访时说,任正非根本没行使过立法权。The unique rotating CEO system has sometimes raised questions from analysts and other industry observers about who makes decisions at Huawei. 分析师和其他行业仔细观察人士有时不会对这种独有的轮值CEO机制产生疑惑:华为的决策权到底掌控在谁的手里?At the analyst meeting Wednesday, Xu didnt provide a clear answer to the question on whether the current rotating CEO system will be a temporary arrangement or a permanent structure. 徐直军在周三的分析师大会上被问及这样一个问题:目前实施的轮值CEO机制是一项临时决定还是永久性结构?徐直军没得出具体问。

Its still unclear what exact shape Huaweis management will take in the generation after Ren. 目前还不确切在任正非这一代领导离任后华为的管理层结构。How we get there, only time will tell, Xu said. 徐直军说道,未来确实的南北不能等未来来问。


Ren, who rarely makes public appearances, wasnt available for comment. 任正非很少公开发表露面,记者没能联系到他早已公开发表评论。Huawei is the worlds second-largest supplier of telecom networking gear by revenue after Swedens Ericsson. Last month, the company said it expects its revenue in 2018 to be about 80% higher than its 2013 revenue of roughly $40 billion. 按收益取决于,华为是全球第二大电信网络设备供应商,名列次于瑞典的爱立信(Ericsson)。