电竞外围投注平台:Chinas father of hybrid rice is planning to expand its production of sea-rice at a newly founded research center in Qingdao, a port city in the eastern province of Shandong, local sources said last Saturday.据当地知情人士上周六透漏,中国“杂交水稻之父”于是以计划在中国东部山东省青岛市最近正式成立的研究中心里不断扩大海水稻栽种。Within three years, the sea-rice research and development center, headed by scientist Yuan Longping, is expected to expand the yield of sea-rice to 200 kilograms on each mu, the Chinese unit equivalent to 666 square meters, according to local authorities in Qingdaos Licang District, where the new research body is located.据新的研究中心所在地青岛李沧区政府回应,在未来三年里,科学家袁隆平将率领海水稻研发中心,把海水稻每亩产量跃进到200公斤。Wild sea-rice is sometimes found in saline-alkaline soil at the junctures where rivers join the sea.人们有时不会在河流入海口的盐碱地上找到野生海水稻。



The plant is resistant to pests, diseases, salt and alkali and does not need fertilizer. But its unit output is only around 75 kg.这种作物可抗害虫、疾病和盐碱,而且不必须肥料。但是它的单产量只有75公斤左右。The Qingdao research center will use gene sequencing to cultivate new strains of sea-rice that will yield more rice and grow with saline water.青岛市研究中心将不会利用基因测序技术来研发培育新型海水稻,预计这种水稻的产量将不会更高,并且可以在海水中生长。

With start-up funding of 100 million yuan (14.86 million U.S. dollars), scientists will start their experiment on a 2-hectare saline-alkaline marsh land just north of the Jiaozhou Bay in April.研究的启动资金超过了1亿元人民币(约合1486万美元),科学家们将从明年4月份开始,在胶州湾北部一块2公顷大小的盐碱地上开始试验。The project will eventually draw an investment of 2 billion yuan.这个项目最后将不会更有到20亿元人民币的投资。。