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lol外围网站:When Apple (AAPL) released a pair of new iPhones in September, demand was so lopsided in favor of the more expensive (by $100) model that many on Wall Street assumed that the pricing on the cheaper iPhone was some kind of blunder.苹果公司(Apple)在九月份公布了两款新的iPhone机型。当时,售价较高(高达100美元)的iPhone 5S销量占有绝对优势,许多华尔街人士因此指出,售价较低的iPhone 5C机型的定价很有问题。

The iPhone 5S continues to outsell its more moderately price sibling — by three to one in the U.K., according to a Kantar World Panel report released Monday — but somebody is buying the iPhone 5C.目前,iPhone 5S的销量之后领先iPhone 5C。市场研究机构Kantar Worldpanel于本周一公布报告称之为,在英国,iPhone 5S与iPhone 5C的销量为3:1。但是,iPhone 5C也并不是无人问津。


Who are these mysterious customers?那么,究竟是哪些人在出售iPhone 5C?In Mondays news release, Kantars Dominic Sunnebo offers some clues.周一公布的新闻稿中,Kantar公司的多米尼克?桑尼博为我们获取了一些线索。The cheaper 5C, he writes, appeals to a broader audience than Apple usually attracts. In the US, the biggest demand for these mid-end models is coming from lower income households. Some 42% of iPhone 5C owners earn less than $49,000 compared with just 21% for iPhone 5S. iPhone 5C customers also tend to be slightly older at an average of 38 years compared to 34 years for the 5S. The good news for Apple is that this wider appeal is attracting significant switching from competitors. Almost half of iPhone 5C owners switched from competitor brands, particularly Samsung and LG, compared with 80% of 5S owners who upgraded from a previous iPhone model.桑尼博写到:“售价较低的5C更有的用户群比苹果一贯的用户群更加甚广。在美国,这款中端机型的市场需求主要来自较低收益家庭。


iPhone 5C的买家中,大约42%收益高于49000美元,而iPhone 5S的买家中,这一比例只有21%。此外,iPhone 5C的客户一般来说年龄也略为大一点,平均年龄为38岁,而5S用户的平均年龄是34岁。由于5C目标用户群更加甚广,因此许多其它手机品牌的老用户争相转投苹果深爱,这对苹果而言毫无疑问是好事。

iPhone 5C的用户中,完全有一半是其它品牌,尤其是三星(Samsung)和LG的老用户。而5S的用户中,有80%之前就是iPhone用户。


”Below, Kantars report on 10 selected smartphone markets for the three months that ended Oct. 31. The Sept. 20 release of the new iPhones gave Apple a significant bounce, according to Kantar, but not enough to make a dent in电竞外围投注平台 Androids 70.9% share of sales in August, September and October.下面是Kantar公司关于中国、美国、英国、德国、日本等10个智能手机市场三个月(截至10月31日)的销量报告。Kantar称之为,9月20日公布的新款iPhone令苹果销量大幅提高,但依然足以动摇同期Android手机70.9%的市场份额。The conspicuous exception was Japan, where Apples share of sales hit 76.1% in October thanks to the companys new distribution deal with NTT DoCoMo.一个显著的值得注意是日本。

由于与NTT DoCoMo公司签定了新的分销协议,苹果在日本市场的份额在10月份超过了76.1%。:lol外围网站。