【lol外围网站】印度废钞后3天人们把旧钞花出去 苹果iphone手机销量井喷


KOLKATA: iPhone sales shot up in India in the three days immediately following demonetisation as consumers rushed to buy these devices with their phasedout high-denomination notes and stores booked sales through back-dated receipts. As per trade estimates, over 1 lakh iPhones were sold in these three days, which is around three-fourth of this handset’s average monthly sales.印度废钞后的3天,iphone销量攀升,顾客用将要荒废的高面值钞票出售iphone。根据估计,3天内售出10多万台iphone,约是平时每月销量的四分之三。

The spurt in iPhone sales mirrored the demand for gold and high-value luxury items that shot up in the first few days following the scrapping of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes on the evening of November 8.iphone销量的井喷,反应了自从11月8日开始废止500卢比和1000卢比面值钞票后的几天里,人们对黄金和奢侈品市场需求的剧增。“iPhones were sold out in most of the neighbourhood stores after demonetisation. In fact, on that night (of November 8) itself several stores sold iPhones till midnight. Some even sold them at a premium,” said the owner of a leading neighbourhood cellphone store in New Delhi.人们用将要荒废的纸币,出售便宜的手机,使得苹果沦为11月唯一符合销售目标的手机厂商。The rush to offload cancelled currency notes by buying these expensive handsets has resulted in Apple being the only phone maker to meet sales target in November. Its sales during the month are estimated to have grown by 20-30% while handset sales, as a whole, are down compared with the year-ago period, said four industry executives.据估计,苹果11月销量减少了20-30%,而其他手机厂商的销量比去年同期有所上升。