lol外围网站_双语科技百科(近现代成就) 第110期:沪嘉高速公路


【电竞外围投注平台】The First Highway—Hujia Express Way第一条高速公路——沪嘉高速公路On October 31, 1988, China has its own highway. Hujia Expressway is a section entering into Shanghai of 204 National Road ( Shanghai to Yantai) , from the Qilian Mountain Road of Shanghai suburb to the south gate of Jiading County, a full-lnterchange closed equipment for the entire car dedicated highgrade highways.1988年10月31日,中国大陆享有了自己的高速公路。沪嘉高速公路是204国道(上海至烟台)的人沪路段,从上海市区祁连山路至市郊嘉定县南门,是一条全立交全封闭设备仅有可供汽车专用的高等级公路。A total length of 20. 5 kilometers highway occupies an area of 45 meters wide, with a 26.5 meters wide pavement, 3.5 meters medial strip, two lanes of each direction from upstream to downstream,and there are als0 2. 5 meters wide hardened verges on both sides for emergency vehicle use. The highway, for the first time, introduced a modern traffic control facilities, and three data acquisition systems set up on the whole road can collect data of speed, models and the passing cars. Emergency telephones are offered in very one kilometer, helping vehicle drivers, road managers keep in touch with the central control room.With a design speed of 120 km, the highway is open t0 40000 vehicles day and night.公路全长20.5千米,占地面积长45米,路面宽26.5米,中央有3.5米的分隔带,上下行各两个车道,两侧还有2.5米长的硬路肩,可供紧急停车用。